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How to choose a mobile app developer agency in 7 simple steps

In today's era of smartphones, there are infinite number of mobile app developer agencies. Each one of these are good enough to create unique and creative / interactive applications based on the the requirement and target audience. The big question which comes in our mind is- HOW TO SELECT WHICH AGENCY CAN WORK good for you based on your budget and time? How to CHOOSE one among many?

The first and foremost thing you need to be sure is that app development agency / app development company should have developers who have good expertise and can work on your project.

You are not just selecting some agency to develop a mobile application, you are selecting a virtual business partner who is ready to give you inputs during crucial times which can thus contribute for good for the business. The agency you choose should have extensive experience and business perspective as per latest technology and trends. Trust, hard work, reviews, loyalty etc are also to be considered.

1) SEARCH for a good app development agency

The important question that arises is where to find the right mobile app development company? There are numerous options like google search, social media ( Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc), references from family and friends etc.

Make a list of what you find and then shortlist based on location, work experience, timezone, cost etc.

2) ASK for portfolio

Once shortlist, ask all the agencies for their portfolio. This helps identifying technical expertise, business domain, etc. Agencies which have worked on a similar project in the past gets a head start. This will give you good idea about their expertise and skills.

3) SEARCH happy clients

Every mobile app development company has testimonials from their previous clients. Getting a list of clients from the app development agency can be a boon. You should verify the list randomly and once satisfied try to get their feedback from the clients first hand. This will give you a very good idea about how things move once the project starts.

4) ASK for app testing

Like how you ask for a test drive before buying a bike, ask for app testing before moving forward, ask for previous app details and user account to test the app. Check the app for couple of days so that you are sure about the work quality.

5) Transparency

Check for the agencies development cycle and other policies. How the feedback loop works and how much they are prompt in fixing the errors are most important. AGILE methodology can be used for better and faster development.

The communication should be easy to do with in time responses and not with chatbots. A daily report for a small project or a weekly report for a project of longer duration can be good to keep tap on the progress of the app.

6) Pocket friendly

Apart from above, one of the most important parameter in selecting a mobile app development agency is the budget. How well the company's proposal fits in our pocket and plans. Big complex projects with many features should have flexible budget. Budget depends on time and location as well. Shorter the time for development you ask for, higher the budget goes. Similarly the demographics and living cost for the location of the app development agency also affects the cost.

7) Maintenance and Support

Company who are happy to provide you for few days or months after project is successfully completed are good to go ahead with. There can be issues which require urgent fix after project completion. You can ask the agency for a long term maintenance and support contract to help you with such problems.

You need to make sure the company is interested in your business and not just developing the app. This helps is proper guidance.

To wrap things up, a careful and well researched selection of mobile app development agency increases the chances of project to be successful and build a strong and long lasting business relationship.

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